Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crabbe Mountain

Distance: 140 km
Time: 5 hours 50 minutes

We had two options: A) Go a longer distance with fewer hills by taking the Trans-Canada or B) Eliminate some distance by taking back roads and face Crabbe Mountain. We chose plan B, harking to the call of Crabbe Mountain. That was our first mistake. The roads were in really poor shape and the grades on the hills were near ridiculous. Luckily some of the heat from the previous days had dissipated and so we were able to survive until lunch. That’s when we made our second mistake. The girls had driven ahead and found a ‘5km’ stretch of gravel on the road that they came back to warn us about. They were kind and offered to drive us over it, but assured us that about a kilometre in there was pavement underneath. We figured we’d tough it out like we did with Crabbe Mountain and so we gave it a shot. Turns out it was a little longer than 5 km and it was loose stone the whole way. Regardless, we finally reached Fredericton and were able to enjoy another meal out courtesy of our sponsors. Also, Amy and Heather slaved in the kitchen making delicious brownies, rhubarb bread, morning glory muffins, and stewed rhubarb. All in a day’s work for the ladies! Just 4 more days of biking left!


Donelda said...

Hi Guys & Gals:
Wow you have done an incredible job of persevering the elements, bad roads,unfortunate events and still you trekking along your way.
I applaud each and everyone of you for all your efforts.
Steve would truly have been proud of his sons!
I hope you are able to reach your financial goal and also your personal goal to end in Halifax.
Keep the end in sight and before you know it will be behind you.

Donelda said...

Next you will be looking forward to returning to your respective homes.
This adventure will certainly be something to reflect back on for years to come.
All the best to each of you.