Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hometown High!

Distance: 5km
Time: unknown

Having biked for 6 weeks we made it to our hometown in Owen Sound. It was great to be home and to see so many familiar faces. Our Mom did a great job of organizing the Owen Sound rally and had some outstanding help from a number of our Father's former colleagues at Bell. The rally was a great success with things starting off with a 5km ride, glide or stride around the Owen Sound harbor. While the 5km was not our longest distance in a day it was definitely our most enjoyable as we did the ride with our Grandma Teeter.

A program followed with a silent auction, live music, an introduction of the Teeter Boys by the Mayor and an update on ALS research by Dr. Michael Strong. There was a BBQ, a kids craft section and a clown too! We were all really encouraged by all the support shown to us and the great turnout (there must have been at least a couple hundred people).

Thank you to all who attended and a big thanks to everyone who helped out with the event! Being home has been great and knowing that we are two thirds of the way done our trip has all of us feeling good about the remainder of the cross Canada tour.

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Donelda said...

It was great seeing you boys and meeting the wives. It would be great for you to see many old friend, make some new ones and hear stories about Dad from his peers. They had a great time helping and sharing the day with you.
It was a successful rally/fundraiser and hopefully helped in your efforts to meet the goal you set at the beginning. We were thrilled to see everyone who attended and supported the efforts of your family in making it a successful day for everyone. Some great bargains were had by those participating in the silent auction! It was great fun. It was a great day overall and the weather cooperated. Keep up the good work. It will soon be a memory to share with your future families and friends.
We wish you all the best for the remainder of your travels.
May God we with you and your families as you continue your journey to the end of your goal.