Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Chase

Distance: 110km
Time: 4hrs 30min

After enjoying our stay at Silver Maple Campgrounds we started our trek through Manitoulin Island with our end destination being Southmouth ferry terminal. Although the day was the shortest distance we had to travel for the week it was definitely not the easiest. We hit some construction right away, then some hills and for a good portion of the day we had to battle some pretty strong winds. We did however have some nice highlights from the day, which more then made up for the difficult ride.

For starters we were chased for most of the day by a news crew from Sudbury who were with CTV News. They were in touch with Juliet throughout the day and chased us mid-way down Manitoulin island before catching up to us. We were able to do a good long interview with them and the word is that the news piece they did was really great. The other highlight for us was seeing our Mother as she and our step-father, Al had come across on the ferry from Tobermory to meet us. We had a great time connecting as we sailed to Tobermory and then said goodbye as Mom and Al headed home to prepare for our arrival the next day.

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