Saturday, July 19, 2008

Supporting Stretch!

Distance: 110 km
Time: 4 hours

After enjoying all of the support at the rally on Saturday we were expecting Sunday to be a bit of a lull for us as we rode from Owen Sound to Orangeville. However, we were blown away by everything that happened. We had to stop nearly every hour to meet with people who had come out to support us! We began our day with the encouragement of the Owen Sound Alliance church as we attended the morning service with our family and then started the day's journey from there. We went for about an hour and a half and were fortunate enough to enjoy lunch at our Grandma's house with some family. Half an hour later we were in Flesherton being waved down by a group of people including the Mayor of Grey Highlands, a reporter and a ton of great supporters who encouraged us along the way (Adam felt lightheaded, we like to think it's from being overwhelmed by all the people, but everyone was really understanding and helpful - thanks!). Last, but definitely not least, we stopped in Shelburne to meet up with Lori Wilson, Aunt Donna and another crew of family friends who had gotten together to support us. Along with granola bars, powerade and water they also handed us a jug full of money that they had raised for the cause. It was amazing to see all of those people come out and encourage us along the way.

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