Sunday, July 6, 2008

Terry Fox and a Canyon

Distance: 95km
Time: 3hrs 30min

Our first day back on the road after our first two day weekend turned out fairly good. We had a shorter ride than usual and a few memorable stops along the way.

After a few kilometers of warming up, we stopped at the Terry Fox memorial. It was good to see and be inspired by an individual that took the extra step forward to make a difference.
Stop number two was suppose to be for lunch at Eagle Canyon suspension bridge. After finding out the price to cross Canada's longest pedestrian suspension bridge, we decided to just park in their lot and eat instead. Unfortunately, we were quickly asked to pack up and leave if we were not going to pay and cross the bridge. So we took our business elsewhere and traveled up the road a little further to Ouimet Canyon where for a fraction of the cost we had lunch and enjoyed the beautiful views.

As for the rest of the day; cycling was fairly uneventful, finishing near Nipigon and overall pleasant to have a short distance after a long break.

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