Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day Two in the Nation’s Capital

Distance: 75 km
Time: 3 hrs

Having stayed the night before in Ottawa at the Laurentian Leadership Centre (connected to Trinity Western University) we decided it would be best to put in a short day as we were to again stay in Ottawa for Thursday evening. The thought of a shorter biking day was especially nice since we were going to be up super early to be on an Ottawa breakfast television news show! We were to be at the TV station for 6:15am and with it being only a few blocks away from where we were staying we decided to bike. They had said we would be on the show at 6:50am but that we should be there early so they could prep us. We sat there until 6:45am before they whisked us outside to interview us on the street (so much for prepping usJ). The interview went really well and we were all glad for the opportunity. After the interview, us boys were dropped off just south of Ottawa to start our biking and traveled east until we came to a small town called St. Isidore. The ride was uneventful but it was nice to have the shorter distance and day.

After our ride AJ, Amy, Adam and Heather decided to go see some of the sights of Ottawa and the two girls convinced the guys to go tandem biking. Juliet and Mike were able to meet up with their friends Brenda and Michael to have a tour of the parliament buildings, where Michael works, after which the four of them went for dinner at their friends Kelly and Kaarin’s place.


Donelda said...

Sorry to learn about the unfortunate experience of loosing your bike! So glad you had a backup bike available. It is reprehensible that someone would so such a terrible thing to you, who are trying to do something for the better of many others. Hopefully you were able to acquire another suitable bike to continue your journey.
When the thief,thieves wake up each morning and look in the mirror I hope they aren't proud of the terrible thing they have done to you.
Look forward to the end of your trip and the goal you set. No one can take that from you

Donelda said...

Safe travels