Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where's the Exit?

Distance: 140km
Time: 5 hrs

While we were in Fredricton it was nice to be in a home again and to have a real bed to sleep in. Thanks so much Aron & Sarah for opening up your home to us it is greatly appreciated!

The next morning we were off again and heading for Moncton, NB. It was a scenic ride throughout the morning before we got onto the Trans Canada, which while not as scenic was a nice ride especially with the wind as it pushed us along. The day's distance was to be a little shorter then the rest of the week had been but when we made it to our end the day exit there was no exit in sight! Alas, we had to carry on to the next exit making our day similar in distance to the others. All in all though it wasn't too bad as we all knew it would mean a shorter day of bike riding would follow.

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