Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let the Long Bike Days Begin

Distance: 158km
Time: 6hrs 45min

With the longest ride of the week looming ahead of us we set out to cross the St. Lawrence. Back in the day that would have been quite the accomplishment but with a large bridge at our aid we were able to make it over the mighty river in pretty good time:)

One of the really neat things about the small towns here in Quebec is that they all have what appears to be the town church. While other buildings and homes may be run down these churches (likely all built in the early 1900s) are kept immaculate and seem to show the strong religious roots that were established here long ago.
The day was slow going as we were stopped by lots of traffic lights and then by the wind. By the end of the day we were contemplating whether to go the full distance or to get picked up early. We elected to ride on and with 15km to go thought it wouldn't be too bad. That was before we came across the road construction and the rain storm. By the time we made it to the camp site we were very wet, cold and ready for a warm shower and a hot meal.

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