Sunday, July 6, 2008

Canada Day!

Distance: 95km
Time: 4hrs

So we hit some big hills today, real big. Even though the Rockies have longer passes, Northern Ontario definitely has more ups and downs. We are starting to realize we made the right decision to make the first few days of this week shorter than usual.

After a short, strenuous day of cycling, we made it to Rainbow Falls Provincial Park. Later in the evening, we ventured in to Terrace Bay where we witnessed a wicked Canada Day fireworks event. For a small community, they had a surprisingly long (close to 30 minutes) but also drawn out, fireworks show. The wicked and unexpected part was near the end when thunder clouds rolled in and brought tonnes of lightning all around us on the beach. Just as the show wrapped up, the cold, cold rain started to fall. A Canada Day experience we'll remember for quite a while.

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