Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Weekend in Winnipeg

Distance: 90km
Time: 3 hr

The trip into Winnipeg was good as we enjoyed sunshine and the wind at our backs. Arriving in Winnipeg we were warmly greeted by the Iflands. Orion and Rebecca have treated us really well and we have definitely enjoyed our time with their little guy Seth. We also had a chance to connect with one of Mike's old friends from youth group days, Tim Gibbons. Tim is married and has two beautiful little girls.

The rest day has been much needed and Orion was good to take us downtown to the Forks (where the river forks). It is a really nice area and we were able to take in some of the jazz music as there is a big jazz festival happening. Next up is Ontario where we will spend a third of our journey!


Alixandra said...

Yay for Winnipeg! Glad you could explore the Forks a of my favourite Wpg places. Too bad I wasn't there to greet you. I have been checking up on your blog regularly and I'm cheering you on from France. Allez les freres!

Corinna said...

just wanted you guys to know that we are following you and wishing you well. looking forward to having you back.

Pat said...

A.J. We missed you at the Switzer Open but it couldn't be for a better cause. Go, guys, go. We're cheering you on from Mississauga.

Donelda said...

Way to go guys. You are doing a great job!
We look forward to seeing you when you arrive in Owen Sound. Hopefully some of the local area bikers will come out to meet you on your trek south from Tobermory to cheer you on.
You are doing a great thing and it is wonderful that the 6 of you are getting so much time together. An opportunity that wouldn't happen otherwise (the hidden blessing). The wives will have time to get to know on another better as well as getting to know each of you better within another context that a lifetime could never other wise provide. God is good. Dad would
be so proud.
Keep up the good work and safe journey.