Monday, June 16, 2008

A Hard but Special Day

Distance: 90km
Time: 3hr 30min

While the distance traveled for the day was not as hard as our previous three days of 175km (per day!), it was however tough as our bodies were tired from the long days of riding and we knew that our next day would be a rest day in Regina.

The day was also special as Juliet was good to remind us boys that it was Father's Day. With the ride being in part to celebrate our Father's life there was lots to think about biking towards Regina. I'd say Dad was with us as we made our way through flat prairie fields with big puffy clouds and blue sky filling the horizon. I think he would be proud of us for doing this together, for looking to encourage other families having a loved one with ALS and for raising awareness as we journey across Canada.

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Donelda said...

Keep on biking! You are doing an amazing thing with many blessing mixed in. What an opportunity for the 6 of you to spend this time together. Something not many families get to do. You are blessed in many ways.
Mom is so proud and rightly so.
You are truly and inspiration to many youth and young adults. You are following your hearts with your spouses sharing this wonderful experience along side. What a tale to tell your future families and friends now and in the future.
Continue safe cycling and may the wind be at your back for many days to come. We know you will make the journey ending in Halifax.
Enjoying your commentary along the way.
Thank you for sharing your days with us.