Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Reward

Distance: 130 km
Time: 5 hours

A lot has happened since our last post.  For those of you who do not know, both Adam and AJ have had a collapsed lung before (happens sometimes to tall skinny guys for no real reason).  With that in mind, Adam had felt some discomfort in his lungs during the ride from Merritt to Kelowna but decided not to tell anyone and just hoped that it would go away.  It hadn't by 10:30 pm and after Adam revealed that he had felt something similar before (wink wink), Heather made him go to the hospital.  Juliet drove and so the adventure began.  Luckily the hospital wasn't too busy and Adam had the respect of the doctors as they all appreciated the cause of the bike trip.  He was rushed right through, had three different X-Ray shots and even an ultrasound; all within an hour.  The doctor was pleased to tell me that it wasn't a collapsed lung and even gave a donation to the cause.  So it all turned out and we were home by 12:00. 

The next day he was feeling a little better and so we started our trek from Kelowna to Salmon Arm.  It was a beautiful day and we made excellent time until Adam got two flats at one time and since we only had one spare tube on us, we had to call the girls to come back for some roadside assistance.  The whole pit stop took us over an hour and so we were eager to get back on the road to reach Salmon Arm. 


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e.mel said...

Wow! This is so awesome to read about! Thank you for the pictures and inspiration as you continue your trip. Our prayers are with you...
Erika & David Melnychuk