Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Short Ride to Brandon

Distance: 75km
Time: 2hr 30min

Today was a good day for biking in many ways. We got to sleep in a bit not leaving the campsite until just before 9am, the day was beautiful and sunny with a light breeze and us boys only had to bike 75km, which was about half the distance of a normal day's ride!

We arrived in Brandon at lunch time, met up with the girls and got ourselves set-up at our campsite. It was nice to actually have some time in the afternoon especially since we had a few things to do. Most importantly were a few repairs to the tent trailer. AJ earned his keep today fixing all that needed fixing (that's why everyone needs a mechanical engineer). We all decided he deserved some dessert after dinner for his hard work. Way to go Mr. Fix-it:)


Joel said...

Oh dear! It is the time when you arrived in the place where we were supposed to have the yummy granola bars waiting. And we don't. Any chance you can give us an address for a few weeks from now so we can actually get them sent? Way to go on making it this far!!! Kipling does sound like the nicest place :)

Joel said...

that was actually ALI who posted above (in case Joel gets stuck with the comment 'oh dear').