Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kipling- Town of the nicest people on the face of this earth :)

Distance: 130 km
Time: 6.5 hours

The day after a rest day is always tough but this one was a challenge mentally. We checked the weather in the morning and found out that the wind had shifted to the southeast and would stay there all week. This meant that we would be biking into the wind with no reprieve and we were all discouraged right from start. It was slow going and with nothing but the prairies to look at we were very glad to pull into our campsite in the little town of Kipling.

Kipling.....truly one of the best towns we have stayed in thus far. When Juliet and Heather finished putting up the tent trailer, the manager of the grounds arrived to tell us that the campsite would be free for us. During the course of that evening 4 donations of $20 were made from locals who had heard of our arrival to Kipling through the loop. One of the donations came from the wife of a man who's father had passed away from a 6 year struggle with ALS. We had met him on a walk into town to find the components for delicious smores, and had a very brief conversation with him about our cause. After having a challenging day it was a real comfort to see God working within the hearts of people around us.

Another exciting evening event that evening was seeing the "Largest RED Paper Clip in the World" The picture doesn't do it justice.

The following morning served to be another reminder of God's hand in our trip. Juliet and I (Heather) had a lovely morning of trying to figure out why a) the tent trailer would not wind down and b) why jumping on the top of it served no purpose. Juliet found a helpful man in the local pool who told us where a garage was to fix the trailer, since he did not have the tools to do it. We then had to drive like a turtle, with the tent trailer still up, to get to the garage two blocks away. We had an interesting time with several male mechanics who laughed at the two blondes who were unable to figure out how to work a tent trailer crank. It ended up being a bigger issue then we expected, but they fixed it for free. Ahhhh Kipling, the town of people who never pass up the opportunity to help their fellow man.

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