Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our Evening in Salmon Arm

Our friend, Graeme Horton works for Twin Anchor Houseboats and he took us out on Shuswap Lake in the most luxurious houseboat we'd ever seen! It had a gorgeous kitchen and 2 bathrooms and on the upper deck there was a hot tub and tv!  It was a beautiful evening and the Hortons bbq'd a great dinner for us. Thank you Twin Anchors!

After we docked, we had the opportunity to meet the Kiy's and we went to their house for dessert. This was very meaningful for us all because Dirk (the dad) is currently living with ALS. We had a great visit with them and it was inspiring to see how graciously they are all coping with the disease. Although it is getting difficult to understand some of Dirk's speech, he has a great sense of humor and made us all laugh numerous times. Thank you Kiy's for reminding us why we are doing this!


Donelda said...

Hi Guys:
Keep up the great work. Steve would be so proud of you, as he always was! Many conversations we had while working together were about "our boys". He is no doubt traveling every mile with you. A beaming smile on his face. You are a true inspiration to others. You are a testament to your parents.
Safe travels along the adventure trail. This will be something you can be proud of to share with your children someday.
Travel safe and see you in Owen Sound! :)

Linda Teeter said...

My heart is touched very deeply by the Kiy's story and the picture of my boys with Dirk. Thank you Kiy Family for graciously welcoming my son's into your home and sharing your story with them.