Friday, June 6, 2008

To Revelstoke

Distance: 125 km
Time: 5 hr 20min

It was a cold, wet ride to Revelstoke. Heather and Juliet stopped at Craigellachie and saw the historic "last spike" (picture to come...)

The best part about the day was getting to stay at the Comfort Inn. They graciously gave us 3 complimentary rooms and we thoroughly enjoyed the large king sized beds, hot tub and tv. It is a really nice place to stay! We order pizza and had a very relaxing evening.

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Donelda said...

Kudos to the Comfort Inn for their generosity comping your rooms. Was a kind generous donation to your comfort and relaxation after a long unpleasant trip. Hopefully the weather improves and you find some hills that go down rather than up, up & up!
God be with you and your wives.
Travel safe