Monday, June 9, 2008

Cow Town & Betty's Run

Distance: 65 km
Time: 2 hr 30min

The boys biked hard in order to get to Calgary in time for Betty's Run for ALS. We made it there by 11am and were really impressed by the number of people who were there in support and amazed at how much money they were able to raise. We met Karen Caughey, the Executive Director of ALS Alberta.
We are staying at the Buchan's house in Calgary and Juliet was happy to see her friend Lyndsey. We are enjoying our visit with them. A highlight was playing an intense game of apples to apples after dinner. Tomorrow is a day off and everyone is looking forward to it!


Donelda said...

Enjoy your well deserved rest. Sounds like you earned it with all those long hills.
I am enjoying reading your blog about the trip. It makes those of us reading it a part of the journey. I is great that you are getting to meet new people and reacquaint with friends along the way. Who knows you may even bump into some from your hometown along the way.
Keep up the great work.
Your Mom is so proud of her boys and deservedly so.
Safe biking. I look forward to reading more stories to come.

Adam said...

Mike and guys,
Hope your day off is going well! It's inspiring to see anyone rise to such an accompishment, let alone brothers who do it out love and respect for their father.
I've got your blog feed on my homepage, so I'll be reading along every day as you go. Keep up the good work!

Mary Brown said...

Ottawa. Just found your site on the Ontario ALS site. I was checking to see if the final figure was there for our Walk held here in 31' sunny weather. Keep up the good work in your Dad's memory and for all others like my husband who have lost the ALS battle.
Unfortunately I will not be in Ottawa when you are here, so I wish you a great trip across this beautiful land. Mary B

Orion said...

Way to go guys. I think I saw you out the window of the airplane last night, getting chased by a Ramdeer! ; )

See you soon!