Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Best and Worst of Cycling

Distance: 175km
Time: 6hr 15min

Having had our worst cycling day of the trip earlier this week (head wind, cold, rain, etc) we had one of the best afternoons to speak of yet. The morning ride from Outlook to Elbow (that's right there is a place called "Elbow") was really good at first, then we change directions and seemed to be against the wind and on a slight incline for the rest of the morning (not as much fun).

The afternoon started out with some light rain but got progressively better especially considering that we had the wind at our backs for the first time! What a difference it made too as we averaged 35 to 40km per hour. With the great wind and the girls not being impressed with our next rest stop (a place called "Eyebrow", which would raise eyebrows) we decided to take advantage of the favorable winds and head towards Moose Jaw. By days end we had added another 50km to our ride in about an hour and a half. The highlight of the afternoon for the boys was in reaching new sprinting records on their bikes. Mike reached 57.7km on a flat section of road and that was the boys maximum speed for the day! Next up a short ride into Regina and a rest day to come.


Graeme said...

sorry about the crap weather. but the afternoon sounds like it was much better. Nice work with the fastest speed mike!! Keep up the great work. Dirk appreciated the shirt you left for him. Looking forward to the next blog.

Dale said...

Just wanted to leave a quick note to give my support. Looks like you guys are making great progress, and it's an amazing thing you are doing, so best of luck, and I hope you're enjoying this once in a life time chance to see the country at bike-speed.

God Bless, and looking forward to more updates.

kelvin said...

You guys are amazing, those prairie head winds suck. Great to read your stories and see your progress across Canada. You are noticing things I've missed at 100km/hr, but 57km/hr is pretty fast!

Hope the ladies are hanging in there too.

Once you're in Manitoba, you'll want to keep your eye out for Carberry (birthplace of Kelvin Gartly).

Laurie said...

Hats off guys to a great ride this far. You should all be very proud of yourselves for taking on such a goal. What an adventure! So neat to ride alongside of others that are equally inspired by a goal, exciting to see unique wildlife up close (ramdeer), and fun to visit with people that have opened their doors wide with hospitality. Most of all the awesome tribute you are giving your dad. Keep up the peddling and may the wind always be at your back. God bless you with safe travel and keep us updated with the news. Take care. awaiting your next adventure Laurie Bryans

Adam said...

Just as a clarification, the top speed came with a tail wind and Adam and AJ did not have speedometers to check their top speeds. Can't claim the fastest sprint speed yet Mike, but nice try.