Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gearing Up!

There is nothing quite like realizing that an event is almost upon you. Like packing for vacation the night before your early morning flight or writing out that final paragraph for your exam just before time runs out. Welcome to our final days before the BIG tour!

The Kick-Off Event for Brothers Bike is to happen in 19 days, 19 hours and well almost 19 minutes. It is hard to believe that over a year's worth of planning is about to come to fruition! It has been great to see people and sponsors step up to help us out. With most of the major pieces in place there are lots of details to finalize over the coming weeks.

Along with all the planning there is the encouragement and good news that keeps us going. We found out some good news the other week when we confirmed that Kia Motors would be donating the use of a mini van for our tour, a big blessing indeed!

Another encouraging thing from the other week involved a chance meeting with some other cross-Canada cyclists. Juliet and I were checking out the picnic area, in Stanley Park, where the kick-off is to occur and while there met a group of guys cycling across the country for the Cancer Society. It was crazy to think of the odds of us being there at the same time. As Juliet says it was very serendipitous. We spoke with one of the riders, Kyle, and learned about their tribute tour to celebrate "typical Canadians".

The crazy thing is that these guys aren't the only ones cycling across the country this spring. There are at least two other groups that are heading out either before or after us. You can find their website by visiting our "Links" page on the website.



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